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From a Press Office; Fábrica de Noticias São Paulo Press, born in 2006, appears on May 7, 2010, the trading desk agency, newBRAsil advertising Out Of Home Media, to meet a new search demand for the Foreign Media segment in the metropolitan region of São Paulo: cities of Alto Tietê and ABCDM-Osasco region, Vale do Ribeira and Vale do Paraiba, in view of the advance of the Clean City Law, in São Paulo. The advertising space supplier, which is literally opportunistic, in the good sense of course, is based in Guarulhos. It was born to occupy an open space, left or not yet perceived by large communication companies, which are the service to small business segments; small stores and liberal professionals, however, being also prepared to serve large advertising agencies and large companies, including brands and franchises already renowned. The new has today a lean and decentralized structure, which offers a "service bureau" in integrated communication much more dynamic, less bureaucracy and with much more agility in serving its customers advertisers throughout Brazil, being agenciados or not, through its marketing departments.

OUR PARTNERS / CUSTOMERS-> Our greatest asset, our greatest asset, it is to him that we owe everything and to him it is our task to resign if he is not satisfied with our services, choosing a new supplier.
OUR PARTNERS / SUPPLIERS-> The supplier companies represent newBRAsil before third parties and, therefore, are the ultimate guardians of corporate policies and values. It is the duty of the partners/collaborators to respect, promote and preserve a conduct linked to the highest commercial ethical concepts. As an additional part of the responsibility of the partners/collaborators with newBRAsil, they sign a Term in which they declare their commitments to the corporate values.

OUR PARTNERS / PROFESSIONALS-> The professionals linked to the supplier companies are those who execute and achieve the objectives of newBRAsil must fulfill their obligations within the established norms and standards. These collaborators are not authorized to receive favors on their behalf.

ETHICS-> We act according to our moral principles, respecting our values and honoring our commitment to loyalty, reliability, professionalism and honesty, with our organization and society. We act correctly.

TRANSPARENCY-> We act in such a way as to ensure that everyone is aware of the organization's actions and results. We have nothing to hide.

COMMITMENT-> We believe deeply in what we think and do, radiating energy, feelings and perceptions, stimulating people to seek their development and achieve their personal goals. We seek the best participation of each one.

CREDIBILITY-> Our attitudes are correct and transmit confidence and positive image to our customers, partners and market. We are the one you can trust!        
"The Prospecting and Incessant Search for New Business Opportunities Shorten the Distance Between Work and Success".    BY Natan From Guarulhos - Journalist                                                                                

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